On our 8 day adventure in Egypt you can expect to hear some of the best music from our electronic culture, curated specifically to guide us for an experience of a lifetime. Some artists will be performing at the Great Pyramid on Dec. 21st, others will be playing poolside in the hotel garden and some will be playing on the rooftop of our cruise ship as sail down the Nile. We’re also working with a traditional sufi whirling dervish troupe that performs regularly in Cairo to bring some traditional Egyptian flavor to our main event at the pyramids.

In addition through-out our journey, Ashes and Seeds will be facilitating participatory environments, dialogues and theater offerings, to engage and explore the power of sacred stories and living myth in our collective work of crafting intentional culture.









Beats Antique

BEATS ANTIQUE, an Oakland based group featuring DAVID SATORI, AND SIDECAR TOMMY, which has stumbled down the rabbit hole and emerged anew on the other side. BEATS ANTIQUE forges a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep.



Berlin Producer, Dj and Live Act Sascha Ring aka APPARAT is well known for his career as part of MODERAT, alongside ELLEN ALLIEN and solo with releases and performances in techno clubs and festivals worldwide. Now he surprised his fans and a new audience with his latest album THE DEVILS WALK, which was released in September 2011 on Daniel Miller´s MUTE label. THE DEVILS WALK is a full length album featuring Sascha as vocalist.


Random Rab


Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful and unique contribution to sonic exploration. Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion” his music is patently beautiful and melodic. With diverse influences ranging from trip-hop, classical and Arabic to bass driven compositions, his songs are considered anthemic and timeless. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, his tracks are organic, uplifting and stand on their own as a distinct genre. Listeners of all types of music can find something they can relate to in his sound.


EskmoBrendan Angelides is a San Francisco based electronic music producer who records and performs live as Eskmo. His multi-genre compositions have been featured on influential labels like Warp Records and Planet Mu (And as of July 2010, he was most recently signed to Ninja Tune). While Angelides’ tracks encompass a wide range of electronic styles, he avoids classifications.



Love songs to the source is the name of the latest album from the adept and on-the-move producer/remixer Bluetech (aka Evan Bartholomew & Evan Marc). After a steady stream of releases on the Waveform, Aleph Zero, thoughtless music and Somnia labels over the last seven years, the next phase of Bluetech’s sonic trajectory plots new and intrepid coordinates via canadian imprint interchill. in this unique full length release, listeners familiar with the bluetech sound are presented with an inviting point of departure into the warm, spacious realms of his signature mid and downtempo electronica.



An International favorite in the electronica-dub scene, GAUDI keeps gathering thousands of fans with his infectious, innovative performance style and fat/”bass-driven” tunes. In his unique live show he plays Theremin, Moog, Vocoder, Dub sirens, Tape echoes, Percussion, Vocals and several other instruments. He celebrated his 30 years in music industry with his highly acclaimed 2011 tour in the USA, Europe and Canada where the majority of the gigs were sold out. GAUDI’s unique production trademark, has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career, with about 250 studio productions, 90 remixes and 12 solo albums, has making him one of the most respected artists in the international electronic music scene.`


David Starfire

David Starfire is a music producer/DJ in San Francisco/Los Angeles is well know for his signature sound of merging world music with underground dance styles. His last two albums, “Bollyhood Bass” and “Bombay Beatz” were released on the internationally known label Six Degrees Records (The Orb, Michael Franti, Cheb i Sabbah). He’s written music for TV, movies, video Games and collaborated with artists such as FreQ Nasty, Ooah (Glitch Mob) and members of Beck.



“Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born. The Govinda live show immerses the audience with a textured atmosphere of exotic, dubby vibrations interwoven with cosmic visual projections, world class dancers and mesmerizing vocals- all to the magic of his live electronics and violin.”




Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers has its roots in the Southern California dance collective known as Moontribe, famous in the electronic underground for organizing tribal dance rituals at magical locations deep within the vast desert expanses of Southern California and New Mexico. Initially a collaboration in the late 1990′s between electronic music pioneers Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe (aka Amani vs Teapot), Desert Dwellers grew to incorporate Six Degrees recording artist Rara Avis in 2005 during the creation of the DownTemple Dub Series on White Swan Records. The trio has also collaborated heavily over the years with an amazingly talented array of artists.


Sidecar Tommy

“Tommy Cappel, AKA Sidecar Tommy is a beatmaker, drummer, and co-producer of electro-gypsy trio known as Beats Antique. Drawing from many genres of live and electronic music, Sidecar Tommy creates music that brings the dirtier beats to the forefront. Using his 27 years of experience as a drummer (bands include Yard Dogs Road Show, Extra Action Marching Band, Eenormus Sidecar, Crash Worship, Breakfast, Mark Growden’s Electric Pinata) fusing with state of the art production tools, the original score is vast, raw, and properly sculpted for sound systems big or small, culminating in a collage of music that hits hard with original beats.”


David Satori
David Satori is a founding member of Beats Antique, Sweet Snacks and Dirtwire.



Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the “mini-kit” (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously). Combining the innovations of modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover is making music that has never even been possible until very recently, achieving a creative balance between the acoustic and the electronic to create a unified field: music reflective of the polarized nature of modern times.


Fanna Fi Allah
Fanna Fi Allah

Fanna-Fi-Allah: Annihilation into Allah. Qawwali is an ancient practice where in the fire of divine love (ishq) is ecstatically expressed through the mystical verses of Sufi poets, sung in Urdu, Farsi, Hindi and Punjabi. The origins of qawwali music date back about a thousand years to the first sufi mystics who came to India; Data Ganj-Buksh & Khwaja Mueen ud Deen Chishty. The sufi sama (sufi gathering) of Persia was recreated to suite the culture of India & qawwali was deseigned for this setting.



Hopscotch is the newest project of San Francisco based singer and electronic music producer Angela LaBaw (aka Anahata Sound). In a world where true musicianship and style knows no borders Hopscotch trail blazes her progressive style with tastefully integrated musical genres and trendsetter fashion. Grab your chalk, sticks and rocks it’s Hopscotch… the perfect blend of electro-pop glitch, live PA vocals, Taiko drumming by Sica Leggett, looping & organic field recordings accompanying sparkle pony antics and on stage.


DJ Dragonfly

Decades of music collecting, studying percussion and dance, and a deep immersion in the music and events business are the fertile grounds for unleashing some of the most creativeb sets on today’s underground dance scene. Dragonfly constantly breaks the DJ mold, spinning an amalgamation of bass culture’s most embraced genres with a fearless twist on tempo. Dubstep, Glitch, Downtempo & Dub, Breaks, House and Drum n Bass are all fused to an urban/indigenous Third World vibe where his signatory dancefloor grip ranges from “Ecstatic-Liquid-Groove” to “Transglobal-Ghetto-Whomp”.


Imagika Om

Imagika Om is a sonic alchemist, live remixing and layering tracks, loops, samples, & FX. Her potent blend of exotic world-fusion rhythms, tantric temple tribal percussion, sacred ceremonial sounds, mystical invocations, tonal healing, pulsating mid-tempo mantras, gypsy glitch, deep dakini devotional dub-step, & kundalini-raising bass to clear chakras and create the innovative and unique sound that she is known for, OMstep!


Treavor Moontribe

Treavor Moontribe is one of the co-founders of the Los Angeles based “Moontribe Collective” and its legendary full moon desert gatherings. Since 1993, these events have been at the core of Southern California’s underground electronic music scene. As a Dj it’s always been his diversity that’s set him apart from his peers. As Treavor always says himself he refuses to be “Genre-Fied” or be a one dimensional DJ. His love for music spans multiple genres and his DJing reflects this. Although he is most well known for Psy Trance and Techno styles, Treavor prides himself on having the ability to fit in anywhere and anytime.


Brad Moontribe

Brad was born a music lover. Now a veteran of the West Coast underground since 1992, Brad continues to perform regularly in the U.S. and Canada. He can energize any crowd with his seamless mixing, whether in a warehouse, intimate club, or out in the open desert. Brad defies classification by experimenting with a variety of musical genres, often cutting between techno, minimal, tribal, progressive, acid house, and breaks. Using the language of music to unite and celebrate the earth and humanity is Brad’s goal. Brad has been a resident DJ with Southern California’s legendary Moontribe Collective since 1996.


dela Moontribe

dela’s sound spans a range that includes dreamy downtempo, funky midtempo breaks, heavy dubstep, and groovy drum and bass. Dub, tribal, world, hip hop, and techno elements infuse her music, joining deep baselines and thundering bottom ends. dela’s sets are a lyrical and psychedelic experience that reflect her resolute positivity and energy for life. She has been spinning since 1999 and is a resident of Southern California’s Moontribe Collective.



SF born and raised, growing up to the sounds pulsing through the infamous Oakland warehouse raves of the mid 90’s, Jaqi Sparro’s sets are influenced by the roots of deep house, while reaching high beyond conventional genre boundaries to create an attuned dance floor experience drawing anywhere from the spaces of minimal tech house, to the thicker grime sides of r&b. A Jaqi Sparro set seeks to forge new cultural territory while playing with the grey areas between… all in an attempt to pay tribute to the classic sounds that have shaped the House of Sparro.