We begin our morning adventure at 10am heading first to Abydos and later to Denderah with a boxed lunch on the way.

Abydos, in Ancient Egyptian, means “the hill of the symbol or reliquary.” This is one of the most ancient cities of Upper Egypt. Notable for the memorial temple of Seti I, it houses the world renowned inscription from the 19th dynasty of the chronological cartouched Abydos King ‘s List. We will visit this site which also contains the mysterious inscription of the strange flying objects.

This temple is dedicated to the Deity Osiris who represents the regenerative, cyclical process of death and rebirth as he is the gateway to the Afterlife.

The Osireion:

Thus we will be given a moment to visit the Osireion which is located behind the Temple of Pharoah Seti and is arguably the greatest archeological discovery of the last 100 years. According to John Anthony West, the Egyptologist who proved that the Sphinx is from 8,000 to 10,000 years old suggests the Osireion is 10,000 to 12,000 years old, even older than the great pyramids.

This temple, housing one of greatest mysteries of all, reveals multiple engravings of the Flower of Life on massive pillars. We will get the opportunity to see 2 of the supposed 6.


Continuing on we will get the opportunity to have a private tour and journey at the exquisite temple of Hathor at Denedrah by special permission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. We will arrive at 5pm and explore this site while the sun is setting for 3 hours, alone without any tourists.

Dedicated to the deity Hathor, goddess of love, music and art, this is one of the very few temples that remains almost completely intact. We will see a massive stone roof, dark chambers, underground passages, and towering columns topped by Hathor-headed capitals. This temple inhabits the recently uncovered First Hypostyle Hall known to show ancient star maps.

We will also get the opportunity to visit more of the temple underground where we will see inscriptions of strange objects looking like large pillar like lightbulbs only known to be seen here at the Hathor Temple.

Denderah is one of the best preserved temples of Egypt thus you will get to experience a touch of an almost full embodiment of what this structure was like in ancient times.

Integrating our transformative adventure, we will feast at our boat followed by discussion, shisha, music, and dancing on the rooftop as we sail around the Nile and eventually dock for the evening.

(Breakfast/Lunch Box/Dinner included)