As the sun is rising we will set sail again for a 5 hour journey from Edfu to Kom Ombo.

Kom Ombo:

Kom Ombo is the only temple known in Egypt to be dedicated to two gods, Sobek the crocodile god and Horus the falcon. There are courts, halls, sanctuaries, and rooms duplicated for both of these Gods. The southern half of the temple (right side) is dedicated to Sobek, god of fertility and creator with his wife Hathor and son Khonsu. The northern half of the temple (left side) is dedicated to Horus known as both the healer and the elder. In ancient times, pilgrims came to Horus, the healer to be treated for their infirmities.

What makes this temple unique is that everything is perfectly symmetrical along the main axis.
It is said that this temple was particularly for priest and priestess training and initiations. A unique feature sits at the main altar, situated in the court’s center of the Temple. There are two small basins sunk into the ground at each side of the respective Gods. These basins were for libation offerings as part of the initiations. There is even a secret chamber beneath them which was used by priests to overhear petitions or deliver oracles on behalf of the deities. Here we will have the pleasure to view beautiful scenes of offerings and blessings granted by the Gods.


Mid afternoon we then board our boat again for a sail to Elephantine. We will have a brief stop at this magnificent island in northern Nubia, dedicated to the creator God Khnum.
It is suggested that this island was given its name because of its elephant tusk like shape or because it was a trading center for ivory.

According to Egyptian mythology, this dwelling place of Khnum, the ram headed God, controlled the waters of the Nile from caves beneath the island. The island also was a home for the deities Satis, the war goddess and protector of the region, and her daughter Anuket, the deity who personified the annual flooding of the Nile.

Philae Temple of Isis:

Our journey along the Nile will culminate in a private sunrise gathering at the Philae Temple. We will travel by a small boat to Agilika Island. This island is where the temple was moved in the 60’s when threatened by potential underwater submersion with the building of the High Aswan Dam.

There are 2 temples dedicated to the Goddess Isis, mother, guardian and magician and to the Goddess Hathor. The oldest buildings were initially dedicated to Isis and thus Philae is considered to be the sacred isle of Isis.
Philae was also supposedly one of the burial places of the God Osiris and was held in high reverence both by the Egyptians to the north and the Nubians (or Ethiopians) of the south.

(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner included)